Expert Workshops

The Selenium Conference is bringing together a diverse set of experts to give hands-on workshops on a number of topics that get regularly discussed in the Selenium-users mailing list and on blogs around the world. The 2013 workshops will be held on Monday, June 10th, the day before the conference officially starts. To attend, please purchase a workshop ticket (spots are limited).


Monday, June 10

8am – 9am: Registration
9am – 12pm: Track A: Appium Workshop: Hands-On Mobile App Automation
9am – 12pm: Track B: Fix a Bug, Become a Committer
12:00pm – 1:00pm: LUNCH
1pm – 4pm: Track A: Get your Grid up and Running
1pm – 4pm: Track B: Help Us Rewrite the Official Selenium Docs From Scratch

Kevin Menard

Get your Grid up and Running

Selenium Grid can be a bit daunting to get up and running. Starting it is quite easy, but using it effectively requires pulling in third party tools. In this workshop we’ll cover how you would realistically run your grid, using best practices culled from several large grid installations. We’ll set up the grid, configure it for centralized logging, set up BrowserMob Proxy, add monitoring for all services, and handle common failure scenarios.

Jonathan Lipps

Appium Workshop: Hands-On Mobile App Automation

Appium is a new open-source project that implements the WebDriver protocol for native mobile apps. Using it, we will write Selenium tests using our favorite language bindings for native iOS and Android apps, just like we have been able to do for web apps. In this workshop, we’ll see how easy it is to get Appium running, and explore its power by writing tests for mobile web, hybrid, and native apps. Automation shouldn’t be a second-class citizen in the mobile world, and now it doesn’t have to be.

Santiago Suarez Ordonez

Help Us Rewrite the Official Selenium Docs From Scratch

In an unprecedented effort, we’re calling participants of the conference to join 3 of the Selenium Commiters in the effort to create the new official documentation for the Selenium project. With the goal of putting together new docs that are mainly focused on Selenium 2/Webdriver from the get go, our aim is to make everyone’s experience better, from getting started with Selenium, to finding advanced topics, all in one place. Our plan is for the revamped docs to be easily accessible for use and contribution by anyone, from anywhere.

Simon Stewart

Fix a Bug, Become a Committer

Abstract to come shortly!

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